Dining With Authors: Part One


This is a post from a series I began last year that I particularly enjoyed and want to revisit.

charles french words reading and writing



I have written before about dining with characters, and I was thinking recently of what it would be like to do the same with authors. For this series, I will restrict the invitations to a maximum of three writers.  Any more than that, and the  conversation could be, well, difficult.

For this first gathering, I would invite the authors to join me in an old-fashioned pub, because they are from the 19th Century, and I would want them to be comfortable. They would be able to have beer, wine, tea, or coffee and order food with which they are familiar.



My invitees are Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, and Charles Dickens. All of the writers are very well known in their time and have been firmly established in the canon of literature.



These authors  created some of the most important works that have…

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11 thoughts on “Dining With Authors: Part One

  1. crazykatya

    I love this idea! I would love to witness a conversation with an accomplished author from the past and one from the present. I wonder if they would have a lot in common when they approached their writing process, or if they would find each other completely mad.

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