Blog Tour for Charles French 


The latest entry in my blogtour–thank you to Laura!

Weary Ramblings

​​I am very happy and honored to introduce to you my dear blogging friend,Charles French. As a professor of literature, Mr. French is well versed in the world of reading and writing, and passes on this knowledge with his fellow readers in his daily posts.

In preparation for the release of his new book,Maledicus: Investigative Paranormal Society Book 1, I am pleased to be the host on day 6 of his book’s blogging tour. On today’s leg, Mr. French offers a glimpse into the very real struggle of titling a literary work. It is both a delightful read and encouraging one. So without further delay, I present:

The Evolution of the Title in my Novel: Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

When I first began drafting my novel about 5 years ago, I was not sure about what title to use. Since I am a…

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