World Teacher’s Day 2016: Celebrating the Jobs (and Art) of Two of My Favourite Teachers


This is an important post about one of the most crucial professions for all societies–that of teaching!

Surfing the Sea

Happy World Teachers’ Day! You never heard of it? Well, it’s probably the only one day where teachers in schools and other educational institutions of all milestones are appreciated for the hard work they do to help us learn about the world and achieve success of our own. It’s a pretty recent invention (this year’s is only the fifth, meaning it may have been designated as such in either 2010 or 2011), but every October 5th is now considered World Teachers’ Day.


On the topic of today being World Teachers’ Day, my mind has obviously turned to two certain (fictional) teachers; namely, Dartmouth McKinnon-Graham and Jollimore Ferrison from Secondary School by the Sea. These two have very different mindsets and outlooks on their jobs and their lives as a whole: Dartmouth believes that his job is nothing but stress, anxiety and having to deal with rowdy students, while Jollimore…

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7 thoughts on “World Teacher’s Day 2016: Celebrating the Jobs (and Art) of Two of My Favourite Teachers

  1. When they celebrate teachers the way they do actors, musicians and football players, the world will be right and proper. Someone taught them all those things. They are our front line and should be paid like doctors and lawyers. I have always felt that way and it bothers me that no one seems to get it. I’ll get off the soap box now.

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