Where Have I Been?


Welcome back to a fellow blogger and writer!


I know I haven’t updated this blog in months and there are no good reasons, excuses, whatever you want to call them for it (although when your site doesn’t want to publish anything that’s not really something you can help)! So here’s a brief glimpse into my life as of late-

I’m not in college right now due to financial problems and though I’m working my butt off to get it all resolved, it’s not going as planned. I have to do it all on my own, I can’t ask anyone for help, and the college I attend doesn’t seem to understand that this is ALL ON ME…. So I’m unsure if or when I’ll be able to go back to school, which is really disheartening because I am so close to my degree and I miss going to classes. I really, really miss it, and not knowing if I…

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