Share your blog!


This is a good opportunity for all to share blogs. Thank you to Roberta for offering this chance.


3 thoughts on “Share your blog!

  1. You are so right: there are thousands of wonderful blogs out there. Some of my editor colleagues are sure that writing that’s never been subjected to the editorial gaze has to be substandard, but the many hundreds of blogs I’ve read and skimmed say they’ve wrong. Many, many bloggers are working without an editorial safety net, and they’re doing fine.

    However (you knew this was coming, right?), I’m currently struggling to keep my Gmail inbox (where my blog notifications go) under 800. I keep two blogs myself, I’m working on my second novel, and I edit full-time. I also read books. IOW, there’s a limit to the number of blogs I can subscribe to, and I’ve got this maybe old-fashioned idea that numbers aren’t everything. Blogs are meant to be interactive. If I’m too swamped to comment on, or even like, the blog posts I admire, then I’m oversubscribed. And I am.

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