Bringing Community to Children


This is a wonderful blog about children and community.

A Teacher's Reflections

Andy the Tool Man is a carpenter.  He prides himself in both his craftsmanship and his father’s and grandfather’s hand tools.  There’s something warm and enticing about old tools.  Andy knows that, and so do the children.


We used the big, old ‘bit and brace’ with its warm wood patina.  We measured our feet with a folding ruler, and then we measured the hallway with a 50′ tape measure.  Using real hammers and saws on a woodworking table was an exciting challenge.  Real tools are far different than toy tools; learning how to actually manipulate a tool takes plenty of practice and also patience.  Yet, real is better than pretend, so the experience was something children wanted to do.  Our hand and arm muscles had a good workout…just what is needed in order to learn to pump a swing, and then to write.

Why do I have people in our…

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Community to Children

  1. Wonderful! Right now it is the Vendange (Grape harvest) here. The school children go to one of the vineyards and see how it’s done and leave with a handful of grapes and a tour through the cave where the wine is made. Most of them will grow up and help in the vineyards during future vendanges, as locals, and will share in the wine. For most it may not be their full time occupation but they will flex time at work to help with the harvest. Also, many of their families own vineyards and they will be passed down. Even if they don’t make their own wine they will sell them to a collective and share in the profits. Their are other trips and speakers that will introduce them to what is out there but this is what is happening right now!

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