The Spirit Animal Award Nomination!



I am deeply honored to have received a second Spirit Animal Award Nomination; I take these kind acts of recognition by other bloggers very seriously and with gratitude. I was nominated by Miss Gentileschi at Secret Art Expedition for this award.  Thank you so much!  If you have not seen her wonderful blog, please visit her.

The  rules of the award:

*Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to his/her blog.

*Post the award picture on your blog.

*Write a short paragraph about your blog and what it means to you.

*Answer this question: if you could be any animal, what would it be?

*Choose and notify ten nominees

What does my blog mean to me?

I have been writing this blog for a couple of years, and it has grown from simply being a small exploration of words and writing to a much larger look at many aspects of writing, life, and art. It also, however, has become a conduit or a place of  meeting with many people with whom I would never have had the opportunity to connect without the blogging world. Ideas are exchanged here, and I am humbled and grateful for that opportunity. For that connection, I am thankful.  And I thank all the people I have met, who follow me, and whom I follow.

What animal would I choose to be?

The first time I received  this nomination, I choose the wolf, because I have always felt a connection to those magnificent animals. I also have another connection, and that is to an eagle.  So, I choose an eagle as my spirit animal.



My Nominees:

*Jennie at A Teacher’s Reflections

*K.C. Redding-Gonzalez at Zombie Salmon (The Horror Continues)

*K.D. Dowdall at Midnight In The Garden

*usabaker at Running After 50

*Sarah Higbee at Brainfluff Curious corners of a writer’s cluttered mind

*Marlana Eck at Awaiting Moderation Reflections on Culture

*John Kraft at Down the Hall on Your Left

*Mitch Teemley at The Power of Story

*Laura at Today’s Dose of Sanity

*amoafowaa at Mum C Writes

Once again, thank you to Miss Gentileschi at Secret Art Expedition


42 thoughts on “The Spirit Animal Award Nomination!

  1. marlanaesquire

    Reblogged this on Awaiting Moderation and commented:
    I’m so pleased to have been nominated for the Spirit Animal Award. In the blogging community this is a beautiful way to acknowledge how influenced we are from the blogs of our colleagues, friends, and interesting strangers.

    I started this blog while in my MA English program at Kutztown University of PA. Dr. Colleen Lutz-Clemens pushed her students to embrace the role of public intellectual, a great responsibility for people who decide to become educators–traditionally or at large. I actively use my blog to improve my writing; Awaiting Moderation is where I put drafts that are nearing completion. It remains a great place for feedback and a way to share my scholarly interests.

    Thank you, Charles, for acknowledging my commitment to this space. I admire your commitment to blogging as well and enjoy your writing-centered and inspirational content.

    My spirit animal, at the moment, is the elephant. As I work on my PhD, there are many times where I feel like I am pushed to my breaking point. Only 2% of Americans earn a PhD, and as I push through I can see why people from working poor backgrounds find it even harder to complete.
    This summer, as I finished my course work for the semester, I would text my mom elephant emojis to signify that I would not be moved. Elephants are not easy to shove out of the way! They can be steadfast! Weighing 3-6 tons, you cannot push an elephant around. They always seem purposeful, and are also herbivores like me!

    This was a fun activity, and I nominate my favorite blogs: (a lit mag)

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  2. I´m so glad you accepted the award, Charles! 🙂 It´s been wonderful to read what your blog means to you and how it has developed to something more than you´ve anticipated. I feel exactly the same about it and am very thankful for you and all the other inspiring people I have met here. The eagle is a very powerful and wonderful choice! Have a very lovely sunday! Sarah 🙂

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  3. I’d like to apologize for not getting back to you and following through on your most generous nomination. Life for the last few months has been hectic. My wife was injured in a fall and has made it difficult to keep up with things. I’ve been getting up at 6 AM to get any writing done and I’m so far behind on communicating that most people think that I’m dead.
    Things are loosening up a bit now, but it is still too crazy.
    Thanks again for the nomination.


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