Please read this extraordinary young lady’s blog. She was a student of mine her first year at Lehigh University, and now she is a graduate student. In addition to her studies, she puts her belief in social justice into action with the work she does with other students. Please check out her blog.

Latina in the ivory tower


As I’m sitting here writing this letter I am filled with stress and anxiety simply thinking about what the upcoming year has in store. My first PhD app is due December 1st, my baby brother is applying to colleges, and I’m stepping into a new role as a teacher. But what’s truly causing most of my anxiety is stepping down as your LUSSI GA.

For 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming you into the LUSSI family before you transitioned into your first year at Lehigh. For 3 years I have spent my summers meeting you, learning from you and watching you grow. When I arrived as a freshman under the guidance of my OMA family I never envisioned being apart of such a beautiful legacy that would allow me to pay it forward.

LUSSI_14 LUSSI Class of 14

LUSSI_ 15 LUSSI Class of 15


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