Ghosts, Ghoulies, and Story-Telling in the Night


This is a reblogging of a much earlier post that I wrote and enjoyed, both the writing of it and the event which I detailed in the post. I hope you enjoy it.

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I had the good fortune this past Tuesday to have been asked by one of my First-Year Writing students at Lehigh University to tell ghost-stories at an event at a student dormitory. This young lady is a Gryphon, or Resident Advisor, and she organized an evening of food and scary stories for her charges. I usually tell ghost stories in my classes around Halloween, so I welcomed the opportunity.

I arrived at the appointed time, and we began at 6 P.M. The event was held in a common’s area, and approximately 50-60 students attended. I also have to say that my student, the Gryphon, did an excellent job with the organization of the occasion.

In addition to teaching and writing, I also love story-telling and have begun recently to consider building this highly enjoyable activity into a small business. That is still to be determined, but this evening went…

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