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I believe I have not done an update in a few months on my writing progress, so I will do so now.  I have finished a first draft of book 2 of my young adult series: The Ameriad.  Now like most first drafts, it is not very good, and I am being charitable, and it needs massive revision, but it is done. As I say to other writers and to my students, get a draft done, otherwise you have nothing to work on.  Now I have about 50,000 words for future revisions. I am anticipating both cutting and adding in the next draft.

That means, I will continue on my plan on completing 2 first drafts every year.  I now move on to book 2 of The Investigative Paranormal Society.  Each book in this series will focus on one of the three older gentlemen who form the nucleus of the group. This one will center on Sam, the retired homicide detective.  So, to work with this!  I hope to have the draft done by the end of the year.

And I am moving along with the manuscript of my horror novel, Maledicus:  Investigative Paranormal Society Book I. I will shortly send it out to be formatted, both for ebook and printing, and I am aiming at a release in late September. I will keep you informed as I move forward with promotion on it.

In addition to drafting, I am always revising also.  So I try to find separate times to do both most days.  I am now beginning a major revision of book one of my young adult series.  I will speak more of this in future posts.

Remember folks, keep writing and revising!






28 thoughts on “Writing Progress

  1. Forgive me for saying, I’m feeling kind of proud of you, Charles. “Now, practically even better news than that of short assignments is the idea of [awful] First drafts. All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good 2nd drafts and terrific third drafts.” Anne Lamott

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  2. Yeah, writing is the easy part. Editing is where the real work comes in! Great job on getting so much done with all your projects. I am constantly espousing the importance of just getting that first draft done, so it’s always good to see someone else so see it, too. Good luck!

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  3. Well done! I am currently excavating through that first draft of the first book (one that isn’t a collection of poetry) and trying to ascertain what is viable. It is interesting, reading through it for the first time and finding that some of it is pretty good and some will require damage control… back to work.

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  4. Congrats on keeping your promise to yourself. I’m on hiatus. That means I’m painting, building, gardening, cooking, sewing, cleaning and feeding people. 6 more days and I get my life back and maybe back to writing. The life of the retired old women is so mundane. 🙂 Then I’ll revisit my promises too.

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