Tales of Terror (and When They Aren’t)


This is an excellent essay on horror and worth reading for all interested in horror, gothic, and literature.

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

For those who would read our genre because they were seduced by the emotionally rich words “tales of terror” in a title, there has been an unfortunate turn of events. The word “terror” in the Horror genre has joined a pantheon of keywords that seem to have lost their spark, their ability to sizzle and frighten. We loyally buy books labelled “tales of terror” only to come away feeling misled, cheated, confused.

Did we not understand what was intended?

I have long asked myself why old works are still potent even today, and new works are simply flat and featureless. What has changed in the geography of our prose? If being modern and sophisticated does not neutralize stories of the past, then we are surely doing something different now. But what?

Something has clearly changed. Something wicked this way comes. And it is looking like fans of the Horror genre…

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10 thoughts on “Tales of Terror (and When They Aren’t)

  1. Thanks for the boost, Professor! I really hope Horror fans will start to see that now is the time to become part of the future of our genre — simply by becoming part of the discussion as we move into the Hallowed Halls of Literary Criticism!

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  2. Although I have considered marketing creative nonfiction and essays, I don’t want to use such endeavors as an excuse to NOT be writing and marketing fiction. I find procrastination too tempting… and have feared possessing “only” a BA may be potentially detrimental to the cause…

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