Samuel Sadlowski—Hidden Grief


A reblogging of an earlier post about Samuel Sadlowski, one of the central characters in my horror novel, Maledicus Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

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In Maledicus Investigative Paranormal Society Book I, my horror novel, the protagonist Roosevelt Franklin, along with two very close friends formed a ghost hunting group. In a previous post, I gave some background information on Roosevelt, and I will give more in the future, but I want to turn my attention in this and future posts to his friends.

In today’s post, I will speak about Samuel Sadlowski, a retired homicide detective. Sam, as he prefers to be called, is a short, stout, balding man. In his youth, he kept in excellent physical shape, but in his older years, he has let his physical well-being deteriorate. He eats as much junk food as he can, and loves to drink beer. His seeming self-destructive physical choices are, in some ways, a reflection of his inner turmoil.

Like the other two men in the ghost-hunting group, he has had someone…

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2 thoughts on “Samuel Sadlowski—Hidden Grief

  1. People who don’t believe it when writers say characters come out of their imaginations fully formed have not met you! This is an example of how characters take on a very real life of their own, and why we as writers come to love them…

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    • Thank you for an excellent point! I have learned to listen to my characters and to discover what they are about instead of attempting to impose my views on them. I cannot imagine what this says about the creative process, but that really doesn’t matter, as long as we keep writing.

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