Why I Write Science Fiction & Fantasy


This is an excellent post on why to write Science-Fiction and Fantasy by a writer, whom I admire greatly.

Kate M. Colby

scifi syllabusIf you follow me on social media, you may have seen this month’s exciting announcement: for the second semester, The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1) will be taught in a university classroom.

This time, TCD features in a Science Fiction & Fantasy literature class. When I saw the syllabus, I nearly cried. To have my book read alongside such legends is an incredible honor — and one I do not take lightly.

In fact, it got me thinking…what is it about Science Fiction and Fantasy novels (and TV shows, movies, video games, etc.) that I love so much?

Why, out of all the genres, have I chosen to commit my creativity to Sci-Fi and Fantasy?

Well, I think the answers are one in the same.

First, I’ve never had a good story idea that doesn’t fall under one of these two genres. Yes, I’ve got a contemporary romance bumbling about…

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8 thoughts on “Why I Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

  1. As I read this wonderful post, I have to admit that I have not read The Cogsmith’s Daughter. That will be fixed! I asked my husband (a Pennsylvania history buff and lover of antiquities) what a Cogsmith does. I got a marvelous (long) lesson of wood gears…. I think I will happily choose to read the book. On a more important note, this is a very interesting post. Thank you.

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