Another horrific shooting




My thoughts and prayers are to the victims, the friends and families, and to the larger community of Orlando.  Once again, an unthinkable mass shooting has happened in America.  I am almost incapable of words–the horror is again too much.

But I will say this–I stand with Orlando, and I stand with the LGBT community.


24 thoughts on “Another horrific shooting

  1. Thank you for sharing, Charles. I stopped back to explain. I received your request but my blog has gone private because I no longer write it. I didn’t want to close it completely as I hope to stop by from time to time and read.

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  2. Such an atrocity. 💔 I really don’t understand how people who are ok with taking the life of another, can live with themselves and their choices. It’s really beyond me. They have to know that it’s wrong. You can’t do something to others, that you would not want done to you or your family, without knowing that it would be wrong. This type of act is in no way associated with anything righteous and good or Godly. Smh 😞

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  3. The song may be an old one but is never more relevant, WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? From Where Have all The Flowers Gone, Peter, Paul & Mary
    No doubt many other songs come to mind. The one that usually plays in my head, at such times, is John Lennon’s IMAGINE…
    While I may be on another continent, I am also right there. Léa

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  4. Agreed whole-heartedly. My heart hurts for those involved.

    With all we’re capable of, with all we know, we’re awakened to the bitter truth of what “society” is capable of every time we turn on the news.

    The only weapon I have, the only defense I have, is love.

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  5. This is about the basics, right and wrong. It is what I teach my preschool students in many different ways. We are all different (Gloria included), yet that has little or nothing to do with the basics of right and wrong. Like you, I stand by good people; white, black, gay, Jewish, Catholic, old, young… the list is a long one because there are many good people. Hatred and killing is bad, regardless of who you are. If everyone taught or embraced goodness, we might have a different world.-Jennie-

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