Honoring Memorial Day




I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, but I also hope you remember why this holiday exists.  The word “holiday” comes from “holy day,” and the remembrance of this day and its purpose should be sacred. It was originally known as Decoration Day after the end of the Civil War, and it was designated Memorial Day in the 20th Century.

This day is intended to honor, give thanks, and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for The United States of America.  Please honor the fallen and the wounded on this day.  I realize the day was meant originally for the dead, but I extend my wishes and  thanks to the wounded also. Regardless of political beliefs or stands on a war, these are the men and women who fought to keep us safe, and they deserve our remembrance.

They deserve our thanks and our honor.

Please keep in mind that this day is not merely the beginning of the summer season, nor is it intended to be the time of a special sale.



20 thoughts on “Honoring Memorial Day

  1. Back in 1971, I was on a plane coming back from Taiwan with my family, including my dad who had been stationed with the US-Taiwan Defense Command. I remember falling asleep on the plane, only to wake up and discover I had been snuggled up against a soldier I didn’t know instead of my dad. This young man, an African American with a Cavalry patch on his shoulder had never complained about my clingey self draped all over him. And in the many years that pass, I find myself always thinking about him as “my soldier”… I wondered if he made it home alright, if he made it out of Vietnam alright, if he had a family waiting to greet him at the airport, if he even now is doing ok…I think of him every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. I pray for him. And I wish he knew how much he means to me, where-ever he is.

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  2. Today would have been my dad’s birthday. He served 20 years in the Army with 2 tours in Korea. I always remember them and the families that supported them so they could do their job. My first husband did as tour during Vietnam going to Thailand and Taiwan instead of Vietnam. It took it’s tole on him as well. It’s a hard job anyway you look at it. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of your readers.

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