Benefits of Reading


This is a reblogging of an early post on the benefits of reading.

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I have previously written about the happiness of reading, a pleasure I hope everyone, or at least, most people experience. As I wrote before, I consider reading to be one of the main joys of life.

I also want to consider the benefits of reading. I think the first, and perhaps most obvious, value is that of education. Regardless of where the reading is done, or if it is for class or for self, all reading informs the reader in some way. While there are a myriad of ways to learn in life, reading still stands out as the primary, and most efficient, way of gaining information. (I am not in any way discounting the importance of learning through experience.) Readers can learn about areas of study that exist far outside of their particular areas of understanding or expertise. For example, I am a student of English literature, but…

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17 thoughts on “Benefits of Reading

  1. Reading is so basic I can’t understand how anyone can possibly not incorporate it in their lives. Reading gives you additional insight, knowledge, to name some benefits. Also, I would agree about fiction readers tending to become more empathetic because of the different perspectives they would run across when reading various books. Reading is too rich to pass up . . .

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  2. Readers are thinkers. Open minds, open books. Most of the great leaders and innovators have been avid readers. Churchill, Edison, Raegen, Roosevelt, etc. That’s why the first two phrases appear on my bus-cards and net sites.

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  3. if you read, there is nothing you cannot do. You can visit the entire world, universe and beyond through reading. I love every kind of book though scary books and movies I tend to shy away from these days. I think there is a time and place for every kind of book. I learn so much from then and some even make me laugh when I need a laugh. I could get lost in a book when the world was too much to handle at the moment. Life without books, no life at all. If there are no books in heaven, I’m not going. 😉

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