Happy Friday the 13th!




Hello to everyone who might read this post.  If you are worried about bad luck on this day, Friday the 13th, please relax. This date is no more dangerous than any other; people simply notice when bad things happen and connect it to the date.

If, however, you are a member of The Knights Templar, The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ, and the year is 1307, then you probably are not going to have a very good day.  A great deal of mystery surrounds the actual events concerning The Knights Templar, and as such, has become a fertile soil to grow the roots and trunks of many a mystery and thriller novel.  We do know, however, that King Philip the IV, sometime called “The Fair,” although today that would be more ironic in judgement of his actions than an accurate portrayal, needed money.

The Templars had discovered something in Jerusalem during the Crusades–again no one is sure what that was–and they became powerful and expanded rapidly.  Their power became so strong that they created the first real banking system in Europe and protected, for a fee, the money of their depositors.

Philip, coveting their funds, ordered their capture under cover of night. The day this happened, of course was Friday the 13th, 1307.  For the next few months, torture and burning at the stake was visited on the leaders and many members.  What is also strong material for writers is that the bulk of the fortune was never found, and many escaped, leaving questions: what happened to the escapees? where did their fortune go? and what had they discovered?

So yes, if you lived in 1307 and were a member of this order, it would have been prudent to be careful on that day. Today though, it is simply another day.



My suggestions are enjoy yourselves today, have a treat, go to a movie, read a book, spend time with your loved ones, and simply live life!

Have a great Friday the 13th!




33 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th!

  1. By the way, I do like the idea of Friday the 13th being cursed. I make it a point to go on date on this day and remind my companion, so she gets closer. I can be someone’s hero on this special day.


  2. Oh that’s okay – it hadn’t occurred to me that you were being snarky, as you don’t generally snark at anyone:). Am I right – is he the Philip who was married to Joanna the Mad, who carried him around in his coffin everywhere she went after he died because she couldn’t bear to be parted from him?


  3. Charles, when my preschoolers were doing the calendar today, singing our song and finding the number for today’s date, I thought of you. Really. I figured you would have a blog post for Friday the 13th, and you did. Of course I was glued. I’m always glued to your posts. This one is terrific. Made my Friday the 13th. Thank you!

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  4. I’m no longer superstitious. It takes a great deal of effort to undo generations of learned behavior. Though I’m still careful walking under ladders. That has more to do with safety than superstition. I gave up Friday the 13th when my daughter was born on that day many years ago. I call it my lucky day now. I did not know the history of it but those kinds of events really stick around the minds of men for eons! One really bad Friday and you have a superstition. Amazing!

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