Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I


Maledicus Final

I have changed the title of my horror novel Evil Lives After to Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I.  An extraordinary cover has been designed for the book by Judy Bullard at  I recommend her highly. Her designs are professional and of excellent quality, and Judy will work with you to create the cover you need and are happy with!

I am targeting late September for the book’s release.

Here is a little about my novel:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Roosevelt Theodore Franklin attempts to make it through life day by day.  Roosevelt is a widower, who lost his beloved wife to cancer and a retired history professor, and he has not stopped grieving.  Along with his two closest friends, also retired and who have also lost loved ones, the three men form a paranormal investigation group.  They hope to find an answer to the question: is there life after death?

When asked by a local teacher to investigate a possible haunting of her house, the group discovers an evil beyond anything they could have imagined.  This is no mere ghost. Maledicus, who was in life a pimp, torturer, and murderer during Caligula’s reign in Rome, in death has become a sociopathic demon that attacks the weak and the innocent.  Maledicus threatens a five year old child’s life and soul.  Terrified by what they have discovered, Roosevelt and his friends must choose to either walk away from this threat, or to do battle with this ancient creature at the potential loss of their sanities, their lives, and their souls.

Look for my book to follow this battle.

40 thoughts on “Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

  1. I was fortunate to be one of Dr. French’s Beta readers and I must say this book is terrifyingly raw, real, and is much more than a horror story. The personal stories of the characters involved in this paranormal event, represent normal people with everyday problems as well as tragic personal losses, that come together with unbelieveable courage to fight “an unbeatable foe”, a hideous evil, knowing full well that their lives are in great danger. It is a story told beautifully and brilliantly that captures the essence of truth, courage, and love.

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  2. I like the way the cover suggest something other worldly… dark and sinister. I also like title change. Maledicus arouses curiosity with The Investigative Paranormal Society telling you all you need to know, and it all sounds intriguing, Charles.

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  3. Congratulations on it all coming together for you. I like the title. It piques my interest as well. It’s funny in a curious way, that that is what we perceive evil looks like. In reality, it often comes in a sweet package like the kind old man next door. I love the subject matter of to choice to risk everything to help others rather than turn a back and walk away. I’m sure your book will do very well. We are all intrigued by the paranormal. I wish you great success.

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