Magic In Stories


This is another older post about the magic of stories that I am reblogging.

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Power of Words


There is magic in stories. Magic is the transmutation of objects or the manipulation of the world in ways that move outside the realm of science. Whether or not magic is real in the sense of the here and now world is not the point; magic is a metaphor for fiction. Stephen King says, “books are a uniquely portable magic” (104). This magic is in the words, in their transmitting from the writer to the reader other worlds and ideas. In writing fiction, writers create a world that was not there; even so-called realistic, literary writers create an alternate world that readers inhabit when they read the book. The writers and the readers, in a mystical incantation, create another reality, one that can be so strong sometimes that readers can be moved to tears or laughter or sadness or joy or grief or sorrow or despair or hope. Readers…

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10 thoughts on “Magic In Stories

  1. Creating magic with the written word can transport the reader, or leave the reader feeling as if s/he has been unexpectedly and deeply ‘lit up’ (a poor word, but I like it). Wonderful post.

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  2. I love how I can be transported in time and location. One moment I can walk along side Da Vinci’s mother in Signora Da Vinci and the next WWII on London’s east docks as midwives deal with childbirth and more. There isn’t anywhere one cannot travel to and we are not limited to the date on a calendar…

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