More Quotations on Reading




“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

Ray Bradbury




“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.”

Joyce Carol Oates




“Why can’t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?”

David Baldacci, The Camel Club 

(This is a wonderful book, and I recommend it highly!)


15 thoughts on “More Quotations on Reading

  1. In certain countries, they don’t burn books, yet they are very successful in preventing their people from reading anything but what follows their restrictive ideology and religion. I ask, what are they so afraid of? Thank you for another great post that supports reading and freedom.

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  2. One of the greatest things to give a child is to foster the love of reading. It is one gift that will not only last a lifetime but keep giving anew with each book they discover.

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