Jim Trelease Quote, Reading and Writing, and a Journey of Teaching


This post is a compelling testimony to the importance of reading aloud to children!

A Teacher's Reflections

A great quote can pack as much power as a good book.  When both come together in one package, then you have it all.  That’s Jim Trelease.  That’s The Read-Aloud Handbook.

“People would stand in line for days and pay hundreds of dollars if there were a pill that could do everything for a child that reading aloud does.  It expands their interest in books, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and attention span.  Simply put, it’s a free “oral vaccine” for literacy.”


Yes, they would!  This author is, and always has always been, a strong advocate for reading aloud.  Fortunately, he is a terrific writer and researcher.  His million-copy bestselling book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, is now in it’s seventh edition.  It is packed with research that should make every parent and teacher run to the library.  It is also full of stories that bring reading aloud alive.  I have written two…

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14 thoughts on “Jim Trelease Quote, Reading and Writing, and a Journey of Teaching

  1. While I was doing childcare, I read aloud to my charges. Imagine my pride when the little girl, when reading to her brother, worked extra hard to bring inflection to her voice and dramatic sounds to her stories… There, I thought, is a real reader of books — someone who will love them for life!

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  2. This quote is a wonderful example of what reading aloud can do in so many ways. Reading aloud should be practiced wholesale by all teachers, even at the college level. Speaking aloud improves self-confidence, pronunciation, and comprehension. Thank you. You always seem to know what is truly needed in writing, reading and words. Love this.

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    • Karen, you are so right. Down the road here in Groton, the head of the English Department at Lawrence Academy reads aloud to her senior English students. Like me, she turns out the lights. Her class puts their heads on their desks, and my preschoolers are on nap mats ‘making the pictures in their heads’. Sometimes I stand up with excitement in the middle of reading and say, “Guess what! All the words you are hearing are going into your ears and straight to your brain. The words make you smart.” They love it, and so do I. Love your comment. Thanks!

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      • Yes, they do. Whenever I retire, I want to read aloud to adults, too. I hope to go to retirement homes and read to those who can no longer do so. I want to read Harry Potter aloud. Of course I will always read to children. My library group is growing older, and they don’t want to give up my group. Nice!

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      • This reminds me — my wonderful high school history teacher often read to us on the days before a holiday or vacation. Her favorite texts for The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody and 1066 and All That, two rigorously accurate but drop-dead funny takes on the history we were studying. Administrators and other teachers would occasionally pause outside the door to hear and see us dissolved in laughter. This teacher also sometimes read us more serious stuff. While we were studying World War I, she read us a page that was little more than the casualty statistics for one day of trench warfare. Nearly all of us were in tears by the end, and so were we. It was in her class that I learned that there was more to battles than who won or lost, and more to history than the words and deeds of the powerful.

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      • Susanna, this is such a wonderful story and you tell it beautifully. Your teacher knew how to mix the serious with the humor; she understood her students. Thank you so much!

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