“Starry Night” II


In too many places, art programs are being cut from education. Here is a wonderful post about children and art!

A Teacher's Reflections

I will never underestimate children and art.  This story is why.

I have been introducing a variety of styles of art to children as we prepare our annual Art Show for the community.  Currently we are learning about France, and that’s a perfect opportunity to highlight art.  We are creating ‘masterpieces’, allowing each child to work on his or her piece multiple times until they feel it is just right.

Each piece in itself holds a story, because the end result is often far more than what the child imagined, or what I expected.  Sometimes a story is so remarkable, or so startling, that it needs to be told.  This is one such story:

“It happened like this…”  I use a record player to play record albums, thus bringing music to life in a tangible way for children.  I wrote about this in a March, 2015 post.  It is…

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6 thoughts on ““Starry Night” II

  1. Art & music played a large part in my PreK classroom. It was always interesting to see how the children responded. Some would move their bodies to the beat of the music along with their brushes. Others would paint in time to the music & their body would remain still. Occasionally a child not interested in art couldn’t resist picking up a brush once the music started.

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  2. Now if we could just get higher education to keep the momentum going instead of becoming a funnel to commercial means of art production, favoring work over art instead of changing the minds of young people who think they must sacrifice art for traditional jobs. We lose so much when the system sinks its teeth into these wonderful, creative minds!

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