The Eagle Has Landed…at the Holler!


These are beautiful photos of a magnificent bird.

I have never spotted a Bald Eagle in Hollerdom before so this was a most rockin, eagle-watchin, day!
I travel to Canada and Alaska to try to spot these beauties up close. Bald Eagle populations in Southern California have been decimated in the past decades from residual DDT, habitat destruction, and human persecution.
I know there are a few Bald Eagles in the area, but having never seen one here in my lifetime, today was an epic day!
This eagle is tagged with a number 83. As far as I can ascertain she may be an eagle bred in Channel Islands National Park as part of a Bald Eagle restoration study/project. I am not at all certain of this. If anyone knows the identity of this tagged eagle, and if she is from The Channel Island Project, please let me know.
The study reports Bald Eagle K83, tagged in Channel…

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19 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed…at the Holler!

  1. So happy for you and your bald eagle visit! Amazing. I read a children’s book from Scholastic years ago about a child who claimed to have seen a bald eagle in her backyard. The class’ response, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” It’s a good thing you didn’t post this on April Fool’s Day. I wouldn’t have wanted that to happen to you on such a special occasion.

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  2. Wonderful photos. My folks started seeing some around their house in Ohio. They’ve been buying hatchlings of mallards and turning them loose at maturity to get the population back up, so we’ve been seeing more hawks and eagles since. Guess they figured the eating was good.

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