Echo: A Poem on Bullying


This is an important post on bullying.

Glass Footsteps

I have previously touched on the subject of bullying on my blog before. Bullying is an issue which affects so many teenagers, and I regret to say I am among their number. It seems in secondary school especially, that there are some people that just make it their mission to single out anyone who is remotely different in any way; to harass, to jeer, to inflict harm. Without a doubt, many of those with Asperger’s will experience bullying at some point in their life time. We’re predisposed to be different to our peers. To me, the psyche of a bully is one of the most indecipherable things in the world. It is difficult for me to comprehend the desire to inflict pain on another human being. Despite the fact that bullying is an incredibly serious matter, it is unfortunately it is not always treated that way. The damage inflicted by bullying can…

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14 thoughts on “Echo: A Poem on Bullying

  1. Something I relate to very closely. I suffer the same disorder and was bullied a lot in school. It is one of the reasons I gravitated towards the arts for escape and a hobby. A very wonderful poem from a very talented person.

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