Update on the Battle for Education (please read and share)


This is very important. Please share it.


6 thoughts on “Update on the Battle for Education (please read and share)

  1. Unfortunately, the educators in Georgia have little to say, they are not well represented, but guns on university campuses will soon be allowed. Professors are nervous. So strange for an evangelical majority or is it? More kids will die and professors too.

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  2. This was unbelievable…and remains unforgivable. What are we thinking when a roomful of adults blame the child? When are we going to stop accepting our own busy-ness as an excuse for letting one more child or young adult slip through the cracks? Such thinking was why I decided not to pursue a job in my own university’s language lab: some problems are not solvable in thirty minutes. I wouldn’t have given up on a single person trying to write a required essay. That made ME undesirable. Apparently, that kind of thinking is now the norm. Hashtag: Proud to be One of the Abnormal!

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