Put Discipline into Your Daily Writing Schedule


This is a wonderful idea!


As many of you know, if you read my post, Are Squirrels Interfering With Your Writing Routine?  It is difficult for me to stick to a daily writing schedule. I won’t rehash the reasons (you can see some of them in the post). Suffice it to say, some days I’m disciplined, other days I’m like a thirteen year old girl with her mind on everything but her homework. And don’t get me started on how a retired husband fits into the equation.

So, in an attempt to become more disciplined and inspired by my sister, Jean Cogdell @jeans writing, I’ve decided to participate in Jeff Goins500 Words 31Day Challenge. The challenge started yesterday and I wrote a  story, Maggie’s New Beginning (Check it out) the (terribleminds)  Flash Fiction Challenge (Chuck Wendig).

Day 2

I’m announcing so you and the other participants can help keep…

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