February Progress




With February having come to an end, I want to give a monthly progress report on my writing efforts. It was a very busy month for me with a full load of classes, so there was a great deal of teaching, planning, and grading.

My writing, however, is keeping on course. I have reached page 80 on the first draft of the second book of my young adult series, which means I should be able to complete the initial draft by the end of June. I am also progressing on revisions. I am close to finishing the 9th draft of my horror novel Evil Lives After, and I will then begin revisions on the 4th draft of the first book of my Young Adult series.



I have also made several more submissions of Evil Lives After.

I will post an update in about one month.



20 thoughts on “February Progress

    • Thank you–what I think is most important is that all of us can accomplish something by being disciplined about our approaches. I never used to be, and it has made all the difference.


  1. Way to go, Charles! Your sticking to a goal and drive is both impressive and inspirational. You are nudging me to ‘finish’ my book, too. I made that promise to a good friend at Harper Collins, and I am dragging my feet, big time. So glad you are seeing big light at the end of the tunnel!

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