An Open Letter to Those Who Would Lead:


Please read this very important post.


12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Those Who Would Lead:

      • Nor can I. There are some serious mental health issues that are being ignored. I see that Canada is being deluged with requests for information on obtaining citizenship. That would have been an option as I was entitled but it was too close for me and too cold. or as Donald Rumsfeld once said “The trouble with Canada is it is too close to ignore and too white to conquer.”

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      • I deeply hope that America awakens from its slumber and what seems to me to be a flirtation with the terrible movements of the 1930s. I hear the echoes of the footsteps of the past. I hope I am not being melodramatic with what I say.

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      • Ah, we hear similar footsteps. I don’t think you are being melodramatic in the least. While I have no intentions of ever returning, I do have those I care about who remain. Furthermore, such actions and behaviours have a tendency to affect others.
        There was a short film made in the 60’s for students and you can see it on youtube if not familiar with it. Check out THE WAVE.

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      • I will check out that film, and I wish I were wrong. I am certain, however, that certain tendencies in human beings, unfortunately, have ways of reappearing. Some of what I write are horror novels, but the true horror is what can happen in the world.

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      • I have seen enough horror in my life and counselled enough victims that I have no interest in books, films or any other such ‘entertainment’.
        I think I shall go play some John Lennon and Imagine…

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