Oddest Rituals Practised By Famous Authors


This is an interesting look at how some writers included rituals in their creative habits.

A Writer And His Thoughts, Meaning In Life

oddest rituals practised by famous authore

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41 thoughts on “Oddest Rituals Practised By Famous Authors

  1. Unfortunately, my Muse seems to want to write while I’m at work. This practice tends to frowned upon. I’d love to have a window to look out on dreary days. Now that I have a laptop, I can sit outside on the porch or head out back to the picnic table when the weather is good. LOVE to write outside.

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  2. What a wonderful post! This has made me realize that I also have some rituals and habits when I´m painting or drawing! Besides the obvious – laying out some newspaper to cover the floor, set up my easel and arrange my paints and brushes – I ALWAYS! put on an audio book to keep my company!:) Wish you a happy day! Sarah:)

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  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    interesting methods… I don’t think I have a method to my madness
    I hear a whisper, I feel an image speak…. I write, sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it seems to ramble on…I like the feel of writing, its a form of meditation to me, like my gardening and quilting
    hmmmm maybe I am the madness in the method…

    I have enjoyed wandering through your posts…I will be back soon…. my chaos is calling
    Thank you …..
    Take Care…You Matter…

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    • I certainly understand that odd appearance of characters. That happens to me frequently, and sometimes I reach realizations about story and plot when I am not thinking about them at all, at least consciously.


  4. When I wrote my first novel, I came to realize I would watch the story play out like a movie, in my dreams. For me, whether it is magical fantasy, a time travel adventure, a murder mystery with paranormal phenomena, it already exists Transcendentally. I believe that many writers already know their story well before writing it.

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    • That is a very interesting idea that you posit. I have found some of my ideas in my dreams, and I certainly have thought a great deal about the idea of multiple universes, so I do wonder about what you suggest.

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  5. I agree. It is not rationale to think the existence of everything we know now, is so simple. Rather, there is the unknown that we only glimpse when we are in a state of “unawares” as in dreams or in deep meditations, and then the thin veil between the known and the unknown is made visible, briefly. Modern physics has already discovered things we would never have believed, even a few short years ago. Therefore, it is more rationale to believe that multiple universes do exist as well as other phenomena that remain unexplained.

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