Empathy, Diversity, and Reading


13 thoughts on “Empathy, Diversity, and Reading

  1. Awesome post, Charles, and so true. I am a huge fan of James Baldwin’s writings. He always reaches my heart. Bigotry and hatred reach all corners of society and groups of people. Reading can lift us out of our lowest points and give us hope. We learn we are never alone.

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  2. I wanted to read the rest of this post so much that I copied it into a word document where I could see it better. It’s so true that reading enlarges us in so many ways. I’m thinking if we are peaceful inside, we have no reason to wage war outside. i love the difference in all people. Attitude included. We just can’t all be milk toast. Some of us must be spicy, vinegary, bitter, sweet, etc. One flavor? OH NO! Diversity is wonderful. I don’t even want a one color quilt! 🙂

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