The Benefits of the Written Word Upon the Worried Mind


This is a very useful and interesting post about the benefits of reading and writing.

A Writer's Path


by Vincent Mars

While my medical adventures drag on, slowed down by paperwork and the (un)availability of doctors, I am trying to take things easy, to eat healthy food, to go on enjoyable walks every day, to rest, and, of course, to read and write.

You know already that writing about your life and problems can be cathartic and that reading has numerous benefits for your brain. When you combine the two, reading with writing, the result is a highly effective home-brewed potion against anxiety, worry, and even depression, a much better way to spend your time than watching TV or YouTube, stalking people on Facebook, or letting yourself be alarmed by Google’s worrisome results.

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7 thoughts on “The Benefits of the Written Word Upon the Worried Mind

  1. Very good points, especially in this time where technology runs rampant. It’s difficult to get kids into wanting to read (it’s a constant struggle with my nieces and nephews). Yet, I find myself spending more time on my phone >_<. So, this was a nice reminder to put all those things on hold and relax.

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