Spirit Animal Blog Award (2)



I have been remiss in responding to award nominations, so I thought I would take this chance to begin to fix this situation. I am honored to have been nominated again for  this award.  Any time a blogger receives recognition from another blogger is important.  I thank Roo from https://roosruse.wordpress.com for this honor.  If you have not seen her blog, please visit it.

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

2.) Post the award picture on your blog.

3.) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

4.) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

5.) Pick and notify ten nominees.

About me:

I am a writer and teacher, and I try to share my thoughts and experiences about both aspects of myself here.  I hope that what I write is both informing and entertaining.  I have found this blog to be a way not only to express myself but also to meet a wide variety of good and fascinating people.

My Spirit Animal:

I am going to take this opportunity to choose a second spirit animal. In the first award, I chose a wolf; this time I will choose the bald eagle.  I feel a great affinity for both animals.  This time I would like to identify with the beautiful birds that fly in the skies and view the world from a very different perspective.



My Nominees:

scrapy do 2 https://scrapydo2.wordpress.com

R. S. Gullett https://rsgullett.wordpress.com/

Monica https://lookaround99.wordpress.com

Jennie http://jenniefitzkee.com/

Pascale http://lessonsfrommydaughter.me

Dr. Suesszues-Zen  http://docsuesszueszen.com

Molly http://goddesspriestess.com

Susanna J. Sturgis http://squattersspeakeasy.com/

Laura https://todaysdose.wordpress.com/

Linda http://fabulousfaresisters.com/

Once again, thank you to Roo from https://roosruse.wordpress.com

23 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Blog Award (2)

  1. Congrats and thank you! Another great animal 🙂 I lived in Alaska for several months and would see these magnificent birds by the dozens. People came from all over to see them. They really were a spectacular thing to see.

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