We Have Snow!



(Liz French 1/23/16)

From the recent forecasts over the past few days, the range for expected snowfall was anywhere from 1/2 inch to 24 inches.  Given that fairly wide span of results, I would say the forecasters were successful!  The first two pics are from our front porch.


(Liz French 1/23/16)

This last picture is of our back deck.


(Liz French 1/23/16)

We had already shoveled the deck clear once, and there will probably be another 6-8 inches before it is done.

Let it snow!


63 thoughts on “We Have Snow!

  1. It is hard to tell with all the wind but I think in our area we’re up to 14-16 inches on the ground for sure with drifts up to 20 inches. Already snow blowed once but will have to do that again tonight. My thought on snow is …if I don’t have it for Christmas please save it for next Christmas. I’m a big fan of snow within that scenario. Apparently those Holiday powers-to-be did not agree with me…came a tad late…

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  2. You’re in the heart of it! I was on the northern fringe here in Southern Indiana. I’d had about 2 1/2 inches two days before; thank goodness I dutifully cleared my driveway before the next round, which produced another 2 inches. So we were incredibly lucky. I think if you are prepared, with lots of goodies on hand and alternative power sources, snow can be okay. But I’m not a fan! Please be careful and stay warm!

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