A New Semester




Today is the beginning of a new semester at one of the two colleges where I am teaching; next week the other school begins, and I am very excited. I always feel like this at the beginning of a new session.  I certainly needed the winter break after last semester, which was very busy, but now I am filled with energy and ready to begin.

I will have a varied group of classes, but tonight I begin with Medieval Literature at the Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College.  Among the texts we will read are Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and Le Morte d’Arthur.  I love these works, and I hope that the class enjoys studying them.

I have to go and put the finishing touches on today’s opening lecture.


Photograph by my wife Liz French (2014)

57 thoughts on “A New Semester

  1. sportsattitudes

    The Canterbury Tales are one of my faves and am sure your class will agree. It’s interesting to me to think about the adrenaline and anticipation rush for a professor starting out a new semester just like those feelings a student would have. Best of luck and enjoy the “ride.”

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  2. It’s so lovely to read of so much joy. I love teaching, too, with all my heart. Your excitement over “going back to school” taps into memories of new school books, a new lunch box, new school clothes, old friends – and the first day back. I’m happy for you! If all professors looked and felt as you do, all of education would be a joy.

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  3. I love school, so I totally understand how you feel! My family jokes that if I only had the means, I could easily be a professional student. I tutor in a learning center at a local state college and although it’s not teaching, it’s still about building relationships and sharing dreams. It’s a wonderful job, and every semester I can’t believe how lucky I am to be there. Have a happy term! 🙂

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  4. Know just what you mean about the excitement at the start of a new term – if you enjoy teaching (and why do it if you don’t) there’s a buzz meeting a new class for the first time. It wears off of course, hopefully to be replaced by the enjoyment of the intellectual challenge of working with new minds, new perspectives. I’ve never left a class without learning something myself (I teach creative writing). I only hope that my students can say the same…

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  5. When you are IN school, you sometimes forget to say thank you to all of your professors and instructors…but you all really do make such a difference in how we come to think no matter how young or how old we are. Thank you for what you do…Chances are, you’ll never know just how much!

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  6. Ah, Beowulf and the Canterbury Tales. I wish I could attend your class.

    We had to memorize Chaucer’s prologue in Middle English. I can’t sing worth a crap, but those words are still beautiful when I recite them.

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