My Current Writing Progress



It has been a while since I have updated my writing progress, so I decided this would be a good time to do so. I just finished the first draft of a horror novel about a werewolf.  It is clearly a misshapen skeleton of a book at this point, but at least, it is done and can be developed and edited later. As indicated in my previous post, without words down on paper, there is nothing than can be revised.


My writing goals for the first half of 2016 follow. First, I will revise my horror novel Evil Lives After, which would be its 9th draft and to continue submitting it to agents and publishers. If I have no success, I will then plan on self-publishing this book.  I believe it is time. Next I will revise the first book of my YA series and also submit it to agents.  I am not sure if submitting two books is recommended or not, but I am following my own plan of action.  We will see what happens. Finally, but definitely not least, I will write the first draft of the second novel of my YA series.

As long as I maintain the pace I have been keeping over the last few years, I should be able to accomplish these goals.  We will see at the end of June if I have reached the destination.


51 thoughts on “My Current Writing Progress

  1. Sounds like a great plan. I can tell you from talking to a LOT of agents during our annual conference (I’m in charge of the pitch/agent room) that it’s not a good idea to submit two things to the same agent or even the same agency at one time. With some of them that is an automatic denial. Of course your YA will probably not end up going to the same agents as horror so it shouldn’t be an issue with that. Lol

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  2. drews journal

    It can be a painfully slow journey, that I know for sure. So I look forward to following your progress in the faint hope I’m inspired enough to do the same.
    Good luck!

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  3. Hi Charles,
    Best of luck in editland and with your submissions. You are clearly working hard and with focus – congratulations! While most agents aren’t keen on having to deal with more than one book at a time, do mention them in your query letter as they are looking for prolific writers who can sustain a steady output.

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  4. My goal is to get a novel published by March 10, 2016. I wrote a novel called Epiphany High during NaNoWriMo last year, and have revised it, now I hav asked a friend to beta read it for me, and let me know what she thinks before I get some help formatting it so I can self-publish it. I also have some other novels in the works. Thanks for inspiring me with your writing progress.

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  5. You just became one of my heroes. Even though you’re making me look REALLY bad! Slacking away in my own little corner of the world… Seriously – sincere praise to you for planning and perseverance, without which the seed of talent never gets to bloom and worthy stories remain untold.

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