Writers, do you need more info…


Here is a listing of very useful information for writers!

Jean's Writing

Writers, do you spend too much time on Google?


Searching for answers?

On how to self-publish your book? Or someone to review your book?

Now, thanks to the hard work of John Maberry your search will be a bit shorter.

Head over and read all of the links he has compiled on these and more subjects at his blog the Eagle Peak Press.

On the first post John gives you links for Advertising/Marketing, Email marketing, Miscellaneous promotion techniques, Press releases, special multifaceted sites, and various, Author blogs/sites of interest.


He this next post he lists links for Book design/production, General self-publishing tips and resources, and my favorite, Reviews of your book


Some of the links are oldies but goodies, however, some were new to me.

I hope you find…

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6 thoughts on “Writers, do you need more info…

  1. sportsattitudes

    I agree there is no such thing as too much info. Especially if you want your efforts to be presented in the best possible light. Everyone has their own reasons and looking for their own rewards from their writing…but one thing I suspect we can all agree on is we make decisions on how to present it in as favorable a situation as possible whether the goal is self-promotion or self-satisfaction…or both! Thanks Charles!

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