A Veterans Day Salute



Today is Veterans Day, and I simply wanted to offer my thank you to all the men and women who have served or are serving our country in the Armed Forces.

This day began with Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, which ended the First World War. Congress formalized Armistice Day as a national holiday in 1938. After World War II and The Korean War, the day was renamed Veterans Day, and it serves as a time to honor all of those who have served or are serving.

Please let it be a day of honor and thanks, not one of special sales deals. It is a day to recognize the commitment, duty, sacrifice, and service of the men and women who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces.



35 thoughts on “A Veterans Day Salute

  1. Here in La belle France you would not find any sales. You would not find shops open, perhaps you could find a café? Every city and even the tiniest of villages would have the same ceremony. The Marseilles, the mayor’s speech, flowers laid at the base of the village monument (yes they all have one) The Pompiers & Sapeurs (firefighters & emergency rescue workers) are present and in uniform. There is a roll call of those from the village who perished in the war.
    After an adjournment to inside the foyer for aperitifs and visiting with the village.

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      • People in the US have not lived through their Country being occupied (immigrants excepted). If I can get my computer issues cleared up, I intend to go to Camp Joffre. It was one of the concentration camps nearby in what was ‘unoccupied’ France. The scars run deep in this paradise.

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      • Things are very different here. I’ve lived here just over eight years.
        Both of my grandfathers were here in WWI (one was Swedish and the other from the UK). My father was here in WWII.

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  2. sportsattitudes

    I pray for all who served and are serving our country. I also pray we do a much, much better job going forward of making sure those leaving active duty get our very best…because they already gave their very best.


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