Book withdraws


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Authoring Around

I now know why JK Rowling said she sat down and cried after finishing writing the last Harry Potter. Writing a book is a spiritual experience that is only topped by the feeling of finishing your first book. There’s this feeling of “oh my god, I did it, I actually did it,” but also a sadness and almost a fear of “oh my god it’s over,”. Whenever you think to yourself ‘I have a moment to write’, you realize that the book you’ve been working on forever is done. There’s no more to write. Of course, you could always extend the story and write 5 more books because you don’t want to lose the characters, but you know in your heart where the story was meant to end, and you can’t really change that. You want to write more, to start something new! But you realize that once you do…

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2 thoughts on “Book withdraws

  1. So true, Charles. I’m trying to wrap up the edits on my first novel, which I’ll then pepper agents and publishers with. I’ve been at it for 10-plus years and at times I never thought I’d finish it. I do have ideas for books to follow, but for this one, this first one, it’s a release, a relief, and tinged with a bit of sadness. I’ve lived with those people for these 10-plus years and this particular story is done.


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