Another Successful Meeting of the Grounds for Thought Literary Group!



We had a very successful meeting of the Grounds For Thought Literary Group at the Taylor Roasted CoffeeHouse in Northampton, PA on Saturday night. I had expected a small group of only about 5 people to attend because it was a warm, bright, and dry early summer evening. Additionally, there were several local events that competed for people.


image from: just a girl and her camera  (thanks Liz!)

What actually happened, however, was very different and a delightful surprise. Very quickly the main room of the coffee house filled, and with my count, fifteen people were in attendance. It was a full meeting, with all of the two hours taken up with readings from numerous people. I began with a chapter from my horror novel Evil Lives After, and then we heard from a variety of people. It is my policy, because this is a public blog, never to identify anyone’s name. That is not my place to give someone’s identity here. I will say, however, that a young lady who has been attending our meetings decided to read for the first time—you know who you are—and it was wonderful. She read her first chapter of the first draft of a novel she is writing. She is talented, and the audience was engaged by the story. Great work to you!


It is always encouraging to see a disparate group of writers and listeners come together for an evening of shared writings and readings. I am deeply grateful to be a part of this gathering.

Once again, I want to mention the fine quality of the coffee house. If anyone is ever traveling in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, be sure to make a visit to Taylor Roasted CoffeeHouse in Northampton, Pa.


14 thoughts on “Another Successful Meeting of the Grounds for Thought Literary Group!

  1. Glad your meeting went so well Charles. I think it’s so important for writers to get together with other writers on a regular basis. We spend so much time alone wrestling our idea out of our heads we need to touch base with others. While social media can be marvellous nothing beats face to face contact. I’m a member of the West Sussex Writers here – which is the oldest writers club in the UK spanning nearly 80 years continuous existence.


      • We have a montly meeting, where there is always a speaker talking about something connected to writing. Often it is an author or poet – this year we have had the crime author Lesley Thomson in a live interview about her successful series of books; Stephanie Norgate the poet talked to us about her process of creating her work and editing in a fascinating workshop. I’ve also given a couple of talks this year – a couple of months ago, in conjunction with our tech expert, we went through a selection of writing programs and software we felt were useful to writers. There are Club competitions and the committee (including me!) are also in the process of producing a longlist for the WSW National Short Story Competition, which will be judged by Rosanna Ley. Most meetings finish with an open mic session, where members can read their work to the group and there is always a break with tea, coffee and homemake cake and a book raffle. But I think one of the most useful aspects of the group is that it provides a place where writers can meet up and talk about their own writing with other writers.


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