Why We Are Losing So Many Dedicated, Experienced Teachers


This is an excellent post on the difficulties teachers are facing and why our society is losing so many excellent educators.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Teachers have been the “collateral damage ” of the so-called reform movement. The reformers’ false claims and teacher-bashing is taking a predictable roll of some of the most talented teachers while discouraging young people from entering the profession.

This article explains why so many teachers are discouraged and how reformers disguise their nefarious intentions with lies.

Dora Taylor, parent activist in Seattle, writes:

“The self-designation of “reformer” by people who have never been in the classroom and have no actual training or experience in education is a smokescreen. What they are really after is profitability for their investor-owned charter school corporations that will deliver as little education for the buck as they think they can get by with.

“The public schools are losing well-qualified and experienced teachers who have made a commitment to our communities and dedicated themselves to teaching our children and and yet we are losing them in…

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6 thoughts on “Why We Are Losing So Many Dedicated, Experienced Teachers

  1. I worry deeply about the attacks on public education by people hoping to make a profit from its “failure.” This piece just scratches the surface. I’m deeply frustrated by challenges to education from people who’ve never taught and have no idea how hard it is.

    It also amazes me when people don’t stop and think: Never before in the history of the human race has any ruling body tried to educate everyone. Why are we surprised to find that it’s hard? Why do we take the failures that come alongside the many successes as signs that the whole system has to be scrapped? More people can read and write now than ever in the history of the planet. Sure, we can do better, and we’ll get better–but not if corporations become the only teachers we have.

    Read Ravitch’s book, Reign of Error.

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  2. Ed

    Thanks for sharing this Chuck. I think the problem goes back to the scholars of education who are training our teachers and administrators. For some reason they are sending new teachers into the classroom with concepts that are simply misguided and, oftentimes, not backed by solid research. Concepts like Multiple Learning Styles, which have been totally debunked, are still taught in college education courses and universally encouraged/enforced by administrators. Teachers are being turned into unthinking robots putting forth strategies of learning, rather than enlightening and liberating a new generation of thinkers.



  3. Thank you for sharing this interesting post. Having volunteered in my kids’ classrooms over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges teachers have to face. They are basically boxed into a corner and given very few opportunities to actually TEACH. Profit should be taken out of education, and those who would broadly criticize teachers in general should have to spend a week or two in a classroom, walking in teachers’ shoes.
    Thank you for following my blog! I’ll be back to read more.


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