A Progress Report



After I finished the piles of end of the semester grading, I was able to attack again the third draft of my Young Adult speculative fiction novel. Even though I had to put the writing aside briefly, I am still on the pace I had hoped for. I just reached 100 pages.


I will continue to try to revise at least 10 pages a day though the rest of May. My target for this month is to reach at least 200 pages. If I can reach that goal, I will be very happy with my progress. I have given myself a little bit of wiggle room, since there are 12 more days left in this month, and if I do all 12 days, I would reach about 220 pages.


Now, after the drum roll please, I hope that I have this draft done by the middle of June. It should be 250-300 pages. If I can finish that draft, then I put it aside as several people read it for me, and then soon again, I will begin the next draft. And the process of writing and revision will continue.


23 thoughts on “A Progress Report

  1. You come across as a very kind, good man, and I’m pleased you seem to be enjoying your writing process. I personally find it very therapeutic, all the different skill sets and levels involved make it a fascinating process.

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  2. Awesome! You rock, Charles. I too look forward to the day I can honestly say: “IT’S A WRAP!” Then comes the submission process. Love this writing world we live in (I honestly do). Its a challenge to write and fullfill our ongoing obligations every day but what a reward personally at the end. It definitely takes a blend of persistency and discipline and a sprinkle of humor doesn’t hurt to get us through. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and peace to you.

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