The Creative Blogger Award!



I am honored that I have been nominated by Author Mitch Teemley for the Creative Blogger Award!  Mitch is an author of, among other works, The Wishing Map.  He very kindly thought of me as creative enough for this honor, and I appreciate it deeply, because he is himself a very creative person.   It is always a nice feeling to have someone else recognize your creativity, so thank you Mitch!


I am honor bound by the rules of the Creative Blogger Award to:

  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you — done!
  • Share 5 Facts About Yourself to your readers — complete!
  • Nominate other blogs and notify nominees  — done!
  • Tell the nominees these rules  — see this page!

Here are five facts about me:

I am married to the love of my life–my beautiful wife Liz!


I am a card carrying member of nerds-are-us, if such a group really existed.  I am looking forward to seeing The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I will wear my Captain America tee shirt to the movies.


I am also a huge chess fan…yes, I mean the world of professional chess!  I am not anything more than an average player, but I love the game and love following the best players in the world.


I need more rooms for my books!  I have at last estimation, around 2500.  And I would love to have an old-fashioned library one day.


I am the luckiest man in the world: I am in love with my wife, and I love my work–teaching English at college.


My Nominees for the Creative Blogger Award are:

Herminia Chow

Dorothy De Kok

Kat Kent

Sophie Kat

In My Cluttered Attic

Fill Your Own Glass

Ana Franco

29 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award!

  1. Rebecca

    I just watched Age of Ultron. Definitely go see it in theater. My audience clapped, laughed, and OOOHHHHHH!-ed together. It was a wonderful experience.


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