Continuing the Process




I am continuing the revision of my supernatural thriller Evil Lives After, and I am a little bit past half-way finished. I hope to be ¾ of the way through this draft by the end of the weekend. If I keep on track, then I should be able to complete this draft by the end of that week.

At that point, I will send it to a few publishers as well as submitting query letters to more agents.

Once I have accomplished that goal, then I will return to the first draft of the third novel. While I am a bit behind my initial plan, I am still well within the long range goal of having the first draft done by late spring. I am certain that draft will be a mess and in serious need of a great deal of revision, but that is what I expect.

As I tell my students, if you don’t get anything done on paper, then there is nothing to work on. And I will have a great deal to work on!

I will also have the needed material together soon to begin serious work on an academic book that I hope to have drafted—the initial writing—by the end of the year. I will speak more about that particular project as I begin to work on it seriously.

This year will be a good balance between the two aspects of my writing: fiction and academic.



4 thoughts on “Continuing the Process

  1. Paula Readman

    I hope life leaves you free to follow your plan for this year. It so hard to get into the flow and then life throws you a spanner. I was nicely settled into my writing when my son needed to return home so I had to sort his room out. I’ve just got my flow back again. Good luck, 🙂

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