Pen, Paper and Writing – The Obsolete !!


This is a wonderful post on writing by hand, with pen and paper, that I thought you might all enjoy reading.

Open Book!!

2014-02-11 12.09.16 The only place where people still use pen and paper apart from educational institutes are, some old government offices that do not have computers yet, or they might not have hired anyone who dusts it off and switch on the CPU. Everything has become so automated in life today; we do not need a pen at all. We have a rectangle magic box in our pocket that brings the world to us. Do a math – done, make a note – done, save a number – done, click a photo – done, read a book – done, write to someone – done, send a mail – done, play a song – done, watch a video – done, do shopping – done, you name it! In a world like this, I hardly see anyone write using pen and paper.

 I think we are missing something here; honestly I like the…

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