Revisions, Submissions, and Drafts—Oh My!




It has been a wild and whirling period of writing. I finished a draft of an academic article, submitted it to a journal, and have been working on a seventh draft of my first novel Evil Lives After. In doing this, the writing of the first draft of my third novel has been postponed for a week or two. I will, however, resume that composing very soon, and I still expect to have a first draft done by late spring.

I have continued the process of submitting query letters to agents for Evil Lives After, and I have received nice rejections of the work. I decided to give it another read; it has been a while since I had looked at the text, and I realized that I could tighten it considerably, so I am doing that now, and I hope to have this draft complete in one to two weeks. I am approximately ¼ of the way through this draft.

I have also found a few publishers who will accept un-agented (is that a real word?) manuscripts, so I will probably send the novel to them also. I continue to hope for both acceptance by an agent and  publication, of course, but constructive criticism would also be very helpful.

So, back to the revision I go!



8 thoughts on “Revisions, Submissions, and Drafts—Oh My!

  1. Paula Readman

    I know the feeling. I’m still working on my third novel. This is the one I’m hoping will make its mark on the world. You have to believe in your work for other to believe in you, but I do find myself doubting my ability at times. I wish you lots of luck.


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