A Change of Plans


I have been making good progress on the first draft of my third novel and staying on my immediate goals for pages for the month. While I am pleased with my progress, I have also needed to make some adjustments to my monthly drafting goals because of the necessity of addressing a few other writing tasks.

I recently found a few more agents to whom I can submit my first novel, so I decided to give the book another read, and I have been making a few changes, tightening where I can. I plan on having this reading and editing done in two weeks. Because I am going to submit Evil Lives After again very soon, this editing takes precedence over the drafting of the third novel.

I also just recently finished a piece that will be appearing in the Education section of The Morning Call Sunday newspaper. I will blog more about that soon.

Over the last few days, I also put the finishing touches on a rewriting of an academic article which I will soon be submitting to an academic journal; I will also write about this piece in the near future.

While these various tasks have precluded any real drafting of the third novel for a short period, I will return shortly to that task, within one to two weeks, and continue on a slightly revised drafting schedule. I am still on target to complete a first draft of the third novel by the end of the spring.

6 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. Barbara pursner

    Dear Prof. French: I know for sure that you will reach your goal. Don’t overdo it. Take it easy and enjoy this time with your family. That is the most important time in your life. you have a great woman. Best regards Barbara Pursner

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  2. I’ve been contemplating a change of plans too — or rather the change of plans has slowly weaseled its way into my conscious mind. I’m closing in on the end of a first draft of my second novel. It’s alive and I know it. Toward the end of January I was thrown off my regular writing schedule by an impending deadline on a long, demanding job (I’m an editor by trade) and then by a review assignment. When I came up for air and could think about the novel again, I didn’t want to push on to the end — I wanted to get started on the second draft. The impulse is sound: a couple of significant plot threads have only become clear in the first-drafting; the final chapters are woven partly from those threads and at the moment those threads are sketchy. Second draft time it (almost) certainly is.

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    • Yes, sometimes life and work or both intrude on our well-designed writing plans. I think that dealing with the changes and being able to adapt and improvise are crucial elements to seeing the long-term goals and being able to return to them.

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