January Writing Goal Met


I am happy to report that I did meet my January writing goal of writing 80 pages of the first draft of my third novel. As I have mentioned previously, I am under no illusions of the quality of this initial writing. I realized as I was putting it down on paper, that there were many problems I will have to deal with in revisions.

But that understanding is completely acceptable. Unless there is something written, there is no improvement that can be made. And I suspect, no—I know, that I will be dealing with many aspects of revision when I do finally finish this first draft: development of plot, fixing holes in the story, expanding character treatment, and timeline issues, among many others that do not immediately jump into my mind.

My next goal with this book is to draft 60-80 more pages in February. I am trying to keep on this accelerated pace in order to finish a first draft by the end of March or sometime in April, because I will soon start revisions on the second novel as well as making drafts on a large academic project—a book based on an obscure Irish playwright whose work I investigated in a chapter of my dissertation.

I hope that by the end of February, I will be able to report that I have reached my drafting goals on this third novel.


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