Another Successful Meeting


I am happy to say that the Grounds For Thought Literary Group had another successful and productive meeting tonight at the Taylor Roasted Coffeehouse in Northampton, PA. I have mentioned this before, but it is definitely worth repeating that this is the best coffeehouse in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Not only are the owner and manager very decent people, but they also have the best coffee—roasted on the premises—and the best atmosphere for creativity. It is like having a little bit of Soho in eastern PA.

The turnout was good—about 13-14 people, with a good mixture of writers and listeners. In these meetings, no one is compelled to do anything, but all are encouraged to read some of their work or a few pages of writing they have enjoyed. If they prefer, they can simply listen and enjoy the readings.
I read another chapter of my novel Evil Lives After, a supernatural thriller. This chapter, as do several others, deals with historical events that some of the characters lived through. This one takes place during the second battle of Fallujah and features two important characters in the novel. I was concerned about the narrative showing realistic and believable fighting, and I received useful feedback.

Several others read chapters from their books, including novels, memoirs, and nonfiction. All of the writing was strong, and the participants gave useful and positive critique. I was very pleased that the writers and listeners all took a very serious and respectful approach to the session.

I look forward to the next session, which has yet to be scheduled, but it will be sometime in February.

2 thoughts on “Another Successful Meeting

  1. Gatherings like these can keep me going for weeks! I’m curious: with several writers reading whole chapters of their work, how long does the meeting go on? My writers’ group has eight members. Most of us are working on book-length mss., fiction, memoir, or history. Most of us bring something every week, but if we don’t limit ourselves to 6-8 pages, we’d go on all night. Each meeting is two hours, and we’re good about sticking to it. This is OK with me because this is about all I can take in without getting muddled.

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