First Draft of the Third Novel


One of the joys of writing for me is that I am approaching my novels from many different directions. The first book is set in the present and is a supernatural thriller. The second text is a post-apocalyptic young adult novel set in the far future. The third book is a gothic thriller set in the late 1800s. For future writing, I have in mind more disparate times and genres, including a Renaissance novel on an obscure philosopher who died by burning at the stake, a horror novel set during an academic conference, and a novel about reincarnation. I will be able to keep busy!

It is still early in the month, but I am well on my way towards meeting my first draft goal of 80 pages this month. As of right now, I am on page 53 of the first draft of the third novel. I am under no illusions of the quality of the work. As with all other writing, this piece will require many drafts and much revision, but I do think that getting the initial work down on paper is crucial to the process. Without a draft, there is nothing to revise.

I will try to keep up this pace, because I expect to begin working on a third draft of the second novel sometime late this month or next month. At that point, I will begin to include a certain amount of time per day to work on revision first, and then I will move to drafting afterwards. As long as I am disciplined in this approach, I should be able to manage this work along with my teaching. This may sound like a ridiculous amount of time committed to writing, but it is not. It usually amounts to about 2 hours a day. And I have found that time often is taken up by less important tasks, like watching TV. So, that is not a great sacrifice!

I hope that I will be able to report on reaching this initial goal of 80 pages by the end of the month.


5 thoughts on “First Draft of the Third Novel

    • Hi Bill, Yes, the book is set in that period! And I wanted to let you know that the next Grounds for Thought Literary group is meeting this Saturday at 6. Hope you can make it. If not, the four of us need to get together.


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