Writing Goals (Not Resolutions!) For The New Year


I was very pleased to have achieved my writing goals for the year. This does not mean that I am satisfied with the works in progress, but that I can see my self-discipline in writing is working. In the past, I never was happy with my ability to follow self-proscribed plans of action. It was a year, however, of satisfaction, in completing my dissertation and earning my Ph.D. in English Literature, and in sending my paranormal thriller Evil Lives After to agents. That is an ongoing process. I hope that I will have news on that front in the not too distant future. I also completed the second draft of my second novel. So, I am happy with that progress.

In no way, however, does this work represent an end, only a continuation of the process of writing. My goals for the first half of 2015 are threefold: the first is to write a first draft of my third novel, which is squarely in the horror genre; the second is to work on at least finishing the first half of a draft of an academic book on an obscure Irish playwright; and the third is to continue revising my second novel. Of course, if an agent is interested in the first book and asks for a revision, I would certainly move that task to the primary position.

This set of goals may seem like it is too much to accomplish since I am not a full-time writer, but I have found that I am capable of giving time, five to six days a week to the writing. If I can continue to do that pace, and maintain focus and self-discipline, then I believe that I can achieve those goals. I cannot control what agents and publishers will do, but I can control the process of the writing. That is what all writers need to do.


5 thoughts on “Writing Goals (Not Resolutions!) For The New Year

  1. Barbara pursner

    Dear Prof. French, Happy New year to you and your family,Best of luck in your writings and success in your dreams! Cordially Barbara Pursner


  2. Dropped by to thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I like this post and hope to accomplish that kind of self discipline for myself in my writing. I like your blog and will now become a follower of yours.


  3. I want to thank you for your visit, and thank you for this wonderful description of your goals. Fiction and academic pieces? I love the versatile. Congratulations on your doctorate in English. Indeed, what a great accomplishment! (I’m taking time off before resuming schooling, partially because the undertaking intimidates me greatly)

    Best of luck. Maintain that pace, your drive, your passion. I look forward to seeing what your industriousness brings forth. 🙂

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    • And I want to thank you also for following me. I appreciate your kind words. I hope that you do decide to resume your schooling, and please try not to be intimidated by the work. Like other writing, it requires commitment and discipline, but you should try it and succeed!

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